Synchronize Refills

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With Simplify My Meds, you can get all of your prescriptions on the same day every month. Even better, it is free of charge to our customers.

How can Simplify My Meds change your life?y

With Simplify My Meds, Coleman Pharmacy of Alma can reduce your stress and save you time by filling all of your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements on the same day every month. Instead of making multiple trips to the pharmacy each month, we synchronize ALL your prescriptions to be ready on whatever day you choose, once per month.

Coleman Pharmacy of Alma handles everything- from calling your physician, to transferring prescriptions, ensuring you never run out of your medications. You can even coordinate refills for multiple family members so that they are filled on the same day - perfect if you are caring for a spouse or aging parent.

Let us make your life easier.

How does the Simplify My Meds Program Work?

One week before your scheduled pick up date, a pharmacy technician will call you. We will have a monthly phone consultations to discuss how you are feeling, review your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. Our technician will review your order before filling and contact your physician if you are out of refills. Your order will be ready for pick up on the day that you choose .

How do I enroll in the Simplify My Meds Program?

Simply text or call us at 479-262-2156 to schedule your consultation!